Import qcow2 image to Ovirt/RedHat Virtualization


Ordinary way to import qcow2 image to Ovirt/RedHat Virtualization is required to have image in KVM Hypervizor.
This way is about how to import qcow2 image as OVA template


1. Download QCOW2 image to one of hypervizors to empty directory.
2. Create VM in Ovirt/RHEV with required parameters (name, OS, cpu, memory, net, disk ). Choose IDE interface for disk. Choose network device which is supported by your image. It is not neccessary to run VM and install any OS.
3. Export this VM as OVA templates to the hypervisor from step 1.
4. Delete VM.
5. Extract OVA template with using:

tar -xvf name.ova

After extraction two files will be available:

  • image file with UUID name.
  • vm.ovf file.

6. Copy vm.ovf to directory from step 1.
7. Rename downloaded QCOW2 file to UUID which mentioned in step 5.
8. Go to directory from step 1 and create OVA template with using:

tar -cf name.ovf vm.ovf UUID

9. Import created OVA template to OVIRT/RHEV


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